Trust Network for Distributed Personal Data Management

TrustNet is a heavily industry-networked research project that focuses on developing a blockchain-based distributed environment for personal data management following the MyData principles. Such an environment is the cornerstone for functional personal data markets as it allows individuals to control the flow of their personal data across companies and industries, and creates the foundational building blocks for creating new personal data-centric services.

Our funding company partners state that Finland can gain maybe two years of international competitive advantage on distributed ledger technology-based identities and on MyData services with this project’s supportive power. Our consortium members have at hand an interesting new technology that has strong cross-industry interest, but it must be verified before it is too late to take a market lead. To this end, the project invests into arranging cross-industry trials, launching an open sandbox, and releasing new reference technology for a distributed personal data management. Together, they directly fast-track the Finnish industry players by helping create a new platform economy based on MyData principles on a decentralised ledger based trust network.


Harri Honko, Tampere University of Technology, project lead and contact for pilots.

Yki Kortesniemi, Aalto University, theory and academic research.

Samuli Tuoriniemi, University of Oulu, software development lead.


Research partners

Aalto University
Tampere University of Technology
University of Oulu

Pilot organisations


Public steering, interest & communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ministry of Finance
Population Register Centre
Finnish Transport Safety Agency